AutoSock for Truck
AutoSock for Truck

AutoSock for Trucks evaluated in Colorado

September 30th, 2009
The Colorado Department of Transportation, USA, has granted its final approval for AutoSock for Truck as an alternate traction device. Truck drivers in the Rocky mountains now have a quick and easy alternative to metal chains when driving on slippery roads.

AutoSock Operations AS is proud to announce that the full product range of AutoSock for Trucks has been now fully approved as an alternate traction device by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), USA, from this winter season on (See attached file).


Besides its very good performance on trucks on slippery roads, AutoSock decreases the dangerous exposure of drivers to severe weather and traffic when chaining up the trucks. In the winter season 2007/8 two drivers died in Colorado while mounting metal chains to their trucks, usually lasting more than 30 minutes. With AutoSock, the driving axle is equipped in less than 3 minutes!

After a intense testing campaign of AutoSock for Trucks in the Rocky Mountains in 2008, CDOT granted a preliminary approval for the product range for the winter season 2008/9.

With positive feedbacks from truck drivers in regards to traction and handling of AutoSock, CDOT now has granted AutoSock permanent approval for being used on mountain roads and passes where it is compulsory to mount snow chains.



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